Why Give

Families are waiting, volunteers are willing, and our ability to make a difference depends on you. When you give you DC Habitat you’re building something that matters and you’re giving to a Charity Navigator 3-Star organization with high marks for fiscal management, accountability, and transparency, so you know that your dollars are used wisely and efficiently to fund our programs. In a city with one of the most serious affordable housing crises in the country, here’s what you can build.

Our Impact

The child of a DC Habitat homeowner looks out of the window of his new home.

Build Strength

Quality housing has a huge impact on health. Families in substandard housing can be exposed to toxic substances. Parents and children can suffer from asthma, leading to missed work and school. When housing is unaffordable, families are unable to save for the unexpected and may put off seeking treatment that they can’t afford. Homeowners are healthier and happier when they no longer face the stress of living in unstable and unaffordable housing.

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Build Security

Homeownership is a path to the middle class that helps break the cycle of poverty. Families with quality, affordable housing can begin to create a safety net and build savings for their children’s education (or their own), retirement, and the future. When you give to DC Habitat, you’re not providing a temporary solution or treating a symptom—you’re permanently changing the trajectory of local families’ lives.

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DC Habitat Home Welcome Mat

Build Self-Reliance

When you give to DC Habitat, you give a hand up, not a handout, empowering local families to change their lives and make their dream of homeownership a reality. Our homeowners partner with us every step of the way, completing financial education training, spending 200-300 hours of sweat equity helping to build their own homes, and paying an affordable mortgage.

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A DC Habitat family cuts the ribbon on their new home.

Build Community

Homeowners work diligently to build and improve their communities. They are 16% more likely to belong to parent-teacher organizations, 28% more likely to repair and maintain their homes, and 28% more likely to vote. Homeownership is also a huge driver of local economies—one job is created for every two homes sold and for each home purchased, $60,000 in direct and indirect spending occurs in the economy.

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DC Habitat Homeowner Kids Play

Build Better Futures

Children of homeowners perform better in school. They are 19% more likely to graduate than children of renters and twice as likely to attend college.

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