Other Housing Resources

DC Habitat provides affordable homeownership opportunities and affordable home repairs to families living in Washington, D.C. Our program might not be the right fit for every individual or family, so here is a list of other housing resources in the DC Metro Area that you might want to check out.


Affordable Homeownership

If you’re interested in purchasing an affordable home in DC and here are a few other organizations with homeownership programs.


Housing Counseling Agencies

These organizations can provide counseling and training to renters, people interested in purchasing a home, and current homeowners. Counseling Agencies can provide advice and support on preventing foreclosure, credit counseling, budgeting, assistance programs, home purchase, finding an apartment, and more.


Affordable Rentals & Transitional Housing

If you’re homeless and looking for transitional housing or need to find an affordable apartment to rent, these organizations can help.


Rental Assistance

These organizations can help individuals and families who are renting a home or apartment and need assistance.

Have additional questions?

We're committed to creating more affordable housing for DC families, because we believe that everyone should have a safe, decent place to live. If you have any questions about our homeownership program, home repairs program, or other local housing resources that may be helpful to you or your family, please don't hesitate to contact us!

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