Homeowner Education

First-time homeowner can face many challenges during the first few years in their new home, but with the right resources and education, they can surmount these obstacles successfully. We’re arming DC homeowners with the tools and knowledge they need to navigate all the ups and downs of homeownership. Our Home$mart post-purchase classes help new homeowners tackle the challenges that can arise in the first few years of homeownership and beyond. These classes are for current homeowners looking for knowledge and resources to help them be successful homeowners. Additionally, these classes can be counted toward sweat equity hours for families currently in DC Habitat’s program.¬†Subscribe to our Home$mart post-purchase program emails for more details and the latest on classes and homeownership resources:¬†

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The classes were very helpful [and] the talks about what we need to improve in our personal lives to make sure we can keep our homes was heartfelt…I am proud to say that I have learned to live within my means. I have started personal counseling…I have started working to lower my debt [and] I have paid my mortgage every month no matter what….you also instilled a new sense of pride and a vision to succeed.¬† I have some ways to go, [but] I am at the half way mark racing to the finish line. I will win this race!



We know that homes are important assets that can serve as the springboard for better futures. Homeownership can be a family legacy that lasts for many generations, so we want to provide support to both homeowners and their children. Each quarter we hold a Family Investment Day, where children 12 and up join their parents for a class on financial education, caring for a home, and what they need to know to prepare for homeownership. These classes cover:

  • Higher Education
  • Safety in the Community and Home
  • Caring for Pets
  • Landscaping
  • Chores
  • Inheritance
  • Banking
  • Asset Value


Ready to become a better homeowner?

Our Home$mart classes will give you the tools and education you need to tackle the challenges that come with being a homeowner. Prepare yourself to tackle whatever issues homeownership might throw at you.