Home Repair

Across the District there are families who cannot afford to make repairs to issues in their homes that threaten their health and safety. There are seniors and older adults who don’t have the money to install ramps, handrails, and make modifications that would allow them to safely remain in their homes and maintain their independence. There are homeowners with unaffordable electric and heating bills, because their older homes are poorly insulated and energy-inefficient. Our Home Repair Program is addressing DC’s affordable housing crisis by partnering with low-income homeowners to help them make critical repairs to their homes. By helping families who cannot afford these repairs, we’re making their houses safe, healthy, and reducing their energy costs, so they can continue to live–and thrive–in their own homes. When we help people to stay in the homes they’ve lived and grown up in, we’re also freeing up the already limited supply of affordable housing in DC for other families in need of quality housing.

Our Home Repair Program is a brand new initiative launching this fall and we’re excited for the opportunity to expand our work to serve more local families. We’ll have more information available about this program, including services, qualifications, and how to apply, so check back soon.

If you have any questions, please contact Aaron Somawang, Home Repair Program Manager, at aaron.somawang@dchabitat.org.

Learn more about our Home Repair Program

DC Habitat is excited to launch a brand new Home Repair Program to help low-income homeowners make their homes safe, healthy, and accessible. More information on how you can get involved will be available soon, so check back regularly!


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