Lunch Crews

Every day on our construction sites, our volunteers and future Habitat homeowners gather together to share a meal and build community as they work toward a common goal. Lunch crews who provide meals for our volunteers and families are an important part of the building process and are greatly appreciated. Lunch crews provide food, beverages and utensils/plates/paper products for approximately 20 to 30 volunteers on scheduled build days. It’s a great way to say “thank you” to the individuals who work in all types of weather to build homes for deserving DC families. We can only provide lunch for our volunteers through the contributions of churches, community groups, and community-minded businesses. These meals should be simple, wholesome, and convenient for the workplace.


Here are some lunch ideas and suggestions to get you thinking, but all meals are welcome!

  • Sandwiches or wraps
  • Hot dogs & hamburgers
  • Pizza
  • Chicken & potatoes
  • Tacos or burritos
  • Please NO foods that can easily spoil
  • Please include a vegetarian option

All lunches should be served with a beverage and a snack. In addition, lunch crews should provide plates, forks, napkins, etc. that are required as we do not have these items on site. Basic rules for food hygiene must be observed. Menu items that contain eggs, mayonnaise and/or any dairy product should be kept cold before serving to prevent the growth of bacteria. Likewise, hot foods should be served hot. Electricity can be secured on site, but serving conditions are very basic.


Interested in becoming a lunch donor? Please contact Jan Lane at 

Beginning Monday, March 16, our office will be closed with staff working remotely due to the current coronavirus situation. Read more here.


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Your gift to the Emergency Housing Stability Fund will change lives today.

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