Future Homeowner: Kennette’s Story

May 05, 2020

Future Habitat homeowner Kennette is on the front lines of COVID-19. An essential worker in the public works department, she continues to work each day and is using every measure to protect herself and her two sons in the uncertainty and stress of this pandemic. 

“We’re doing everything we’re supposed to do, handwashing all the time, keeping our distance,”she says. “But it can be hectic [at work] – I just have to keep safe and take precautions, that’s all I can do.”

But keeping safe is easier said than done in an overcrowded space. Kennette and her two boys, ages 17 and 21, currently share a 2-bedroom apartment, with her oldest sleeping in the living room. “There isn’t enough space for us – the boys have grown up and grown out of this space,” she explains. Stay at home orders and the essential nature of Kennette’s work have made the small space feel even tighter, putting even more strain on the family. 

Kennette applied to become a homeowner as part of our current project in Randle Highlands SE, consisting of 14 homes that are near completion. When finished, Kennette and her boys will move into a 3-bedroom house where they each have their own room, more space to breathe, and a solid foundation on which to continue to build their family’s future. 

We are ready to go, just waiting to give us the green light,” says Kennette of moving into her new home.

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