30 Stories for 30 Years of Impact

For 30 years, DC Habitat has proudly served local families by providing access to affordable homeownership and building equity for low- and moderate-income residents. With over 1,500 individuals already served, the largest construction pipeline in our history yet, and plans to expand our home repair and financial education programs, our impact is set to continue growing.

In an attempt to quantify our impact, DC Habitat underwent a long-term outcome study of homeowners in the Ivy City and Deanwood neighborhoods. The results of that study, presented in the report below, show that sustained homeownership for a single family is transformational: posterity are more likely to have more wealth, better health outcomes, and higher educational attainment.

But there is so much more to every story than just numbers and statistics. To celebrate 30 years of building in DC, we have shared 30 stories to highlight the impact that safe, decent, and affordable shelter has and can have right here in our community.

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